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Timac Agro USA acquires Circle R Fertilize Inc, Illinois

Timac Agro USA acquires Circle R Fertilize Inc, Illinois

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Industry

After a first acquisition by TIMAC Agro USA in January in Michigan, Groupe Roullier is proud to announce the acquisition of Circle R Fertilize, Inc., based in Springerton, Illinois (Midwest BU). Through this acquisition, Groupe Roullier continues the meshing of the United States.

The strategic value of this acquisition has as much to do with Circle R’s commercial success as it does with its Illinois (Midwest US) location. Illinois is a leading producer of soybeans and corn. Illinois is ranked third in the US in total prime farmland acreage with farmland covering nearly 27 million acres. This market is estimated around 3.3 millions tons per year.

Circle R Fertilize, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is committed to individualized crop programs in the eastern Missouri and Illinois regions. Throughout its tenure, Circle R has enjoyed consistent profitability. Circle R is a mixer of solid fertilizer products (13,000 tons/year). They distribute liquid and solid fertilizers. They also provide spraying services, following the same model as our Reading site in Pennsylvania. Circle R's mission is to provide farmers with efficient and innovative solutions tailored to their operational needs. As a direct result of this mission, Circle R enjoys a loyal and profitable customer base.

Alexandre Goullier, General Manager of Timac Agro USA, explains that, “This acquisition provides our Midwest Business Unit with localized manufacturing, while enhancing its profitability with Circle R’s customer base and the limitless potential in the Illinois Region.” The site's location benefits from a direct connection to two Mississippi ports and highway transportation for its raw material supplies. This location, 1,300km away from the Reading headquarters, provides new perspectives for our subsidiary, the Midwest manufacturing facility and setting-up in Illinois bolstering our long-term objectives. 

The Groupe Roullier, through this transaction, concludes its 4th acquisition worldwide, over a period of 8 months. It confirms its industrial footprint in order to consolidate its commercial development by relying on innovations.