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Our subsidiaries TIMAC AGRO France & Phosphea are rerunning the “Come in, we’re open!” event

Our subsidiaries TIMAC AGRO France & Phosphea are rerunning the “Come in, we’re open!” event

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Industry

The 2018 open days were a major success so the Groupe Roullier subsidiaries Timac Agro France and Phosphea have decided to rerun them in 2019 !

This event is open to the general public and provides an opportunity for people to get a behind-the-scenes look at our factories, to learn more about the expertise employed, and to meet the women and men who contribute to the Group’s success.

Once a month, we offer the opportunity for a free, unique 90-minute tour of sites that are usually closed.


The four Saint-Malo factories, located at the Port Intérieur and in the Zone Industrielle Sud, will provide you the opportunity to learn more about Plant Nutrition (production of granular and micro-granular fertiliser products) and Animal Nutrition (production of lick blocks and dietary phosphates). A precise description of the industrial process and different stages of manufacture will be provided.


The tours will also provide opportunities for conversations with the factory managers, who will be available to answer all your questions.  


You can come with family or friends, so it’s time to register now for the session(s) of your choice by clicking on the following link :


More information about the 2019 dates :


Tours on 14th February and 12th December 2019 : Quai Intérieur, TIMAC AGRO France (soil enrichment products and granular fertilisers)


Tours on 13th June and 12th September 2019 : Zone Industrielle TIMAC AGRO France (granular fertilisers) 


Tours on 11th April and 10th October 2019 : PAL MG TIMAC AGRO France (lick blocks and micro-granular fertilisers)


Tours on 14th March, 11th July, and 14th November 2019 : Zone Industrielle Phosphea (dietary phosphates)