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CMI partner for the « 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference» in Hungary

CMI partner for the « 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference» in Hungary

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Innovation


During the congress and in front of more than 500 participants from all over the world (Europa, USA, China…) researchers mainly focused on prediction of climate change by modelling approach (worldwide data analysis).

Our two CMI’s senior innovation scientists were the only ones to focus on the role of mineral nutrition.

With their presentations, they demonstrated its impact on soil fertility and on soil water holding capacity. They showed that crop fertilization management is a prerequisite for an efficient water management under climate change. 

That’s why CMI Roullier is investing a lot on improving crop nutrition under climate stresses.

Previous news as a reminder:

From March 24 to 26, the 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference will take place in Budapest, Hungary. International researchers will present their works focusing on the impact of climate change on crop production and propose solutions to maintain and increase crop productivity in this new context.

Various topics will be discussed, like effects of CO2 on plant growth, abiotic stress, plant-microbe interactions and climate change, the new crops developed for a new climate… and many other subjects in order to prepare crop production of tomorrow.

Our project managers Mustapha Arkoun, Nitrogen Expert, and Seyed Abdullah Hosseini, Potassium Expert, will present their scientific results on the effects of abiotic stresses on plant nutrition.