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The 2020 Roullier Innovation Awards: more than 100 applications received!

The 2020 Roullier Innovation Awards: more than 100 applications received!

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Innovation

Registration for the 2020 Roullier Innovation Awards is now closed. This is the event’s second year, and we were delighted to have received over 100 applications: 65 Plant Nutrition projects and 36 Animal Nutrition projects. These applications came from 32 different countries around the world. It’s now time for our 2 international juries to review the applications and select the two winners, which will be revealed during the awards ceremony on 11th December 2020 at the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier in Saint-Malo.

The jury will choose projects according to very specific criteria: the quality and scope of the scientific results and the originality of the methods are both decisive factors. Contributions to furthering research, researcher training, and the promotion of science and technology are also factors that are taken into account.

After the competition, the researchers heading the two winning projects will receive a cash prize of €75,000 each, and a one-year research partnership with the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier to ensure they are able to conclude their projects.

As a reminder, the Roullier Innovation Awards were created by the Groupe Roullier and the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier in order to promote scientific collaboration and support innovative research projects for the agriculture of tomorrow. The competition is aimed at scientists in research laboratories and universities worldwide.

The competition has two separate categories: Animal Nutrition and Plant Nutrition. Presented projects fall under one of the following themes:

Plant Nutrition:

  • Soil fertility, nutrition, and plant health
  • Innovative farming practices and agroecology
  • Soil structure, water management, and climate change
  • Biodiversity and soil functions

Animal Nutrition:

  • Mineral nutrition and element availability (Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium)
  • Intestinal health and immunity
  • Animal welfare