Animal Nutrition R&D team present at the International Silage Conference in Bonn, Germany

Animal Nutrition R&D team present at the International Silage Conference in Bonn, Germany

Last year, at the end of July, the CMI’s Animal Nutrition R&D team attended the 18th International Silage Conference which is organised every year by the University of Bonn in Germany. Very involved in environmental preservation, this major university and its “Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Futures” department has been working on silage for several years.

Cow feed is exclusively composed of plant products (grass, lucerne, rape, etc.) which comes to a daily quantity of 60 to 80 kg of fresh grass. During warmer weather, this feed is grazed straight from the pasture lands. However, grass doesn’t grow all year long. This is why during spring and summer, livestock farmers who also work with the land, harvest the fodder crops to conserve and store them:

  • The plants can be dried and made into hay,
  • Or fermented to make silage.

In this case, the fodder crops are ground and stored in a low-oxygen silo, where they are conserved via acidification in a low-oxygen environment. Timac Agro solutions are already available but the CMI’s R&D team continues its research in order to improve the conservation of silage as well as its nutritional properties.

The CMI’s Animal Nutrition R&D team took part in the International Silage Conference (ISC) alongside researchers from all over the world (Brazil, China, Germany, UK, Canada, USA etc.) in order to stay in tune with industry trends and to form new partnerships. At the end of the conferences held during the global summit on silage conservation, a visit was organised to a centre for study and research belonging to the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture, where new techniques for conservation were presented.

Thus, the CMI is closely monitoring the progress of research in the Animal Nutrition sector. In the near future, they will take part in an international conference on biogas as well as in the 3R meetings (Meetings on the subject of Research on Ruminants) where new scientific publications on the CMI’s innovations will be presented.