The 2020 Extra-Financial Performance Report is now available!

The 2020 Extra-Financial Performance Report is now available!

Written in a highly unusual global context, this report describes the challenges we have faced, our actions, and our ambitions in terms of social responsibility

Read our third Extra-Financial Performance Report (DPEF) now. In this document, we outline the challenges we face, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we contribute to, and most importantly, our commitments to sustainable growth and the practical implementation of these commitments for our company and our stakeholders. We also reaffirm our heritage by continuing the positive momentum that started 60 years ago when we set our course as pioneers in processing natural mineral materials to improve nutrition for living things.

Since the first report in 2018, we have moved from listing actions to developing a proper strategy with a solid framework. This has made it possible for us to structure our joint ambitions on each subject in order to consolidate and give direction to our 3 commitments and 9 priority issues. We are continuing to mature in terms of sustainable development, in tune with current events, the real nature of our footprint, and our grounding in the region. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and must remain synonymous with the creation of value for the business and the development of these areas of activity. Over the coming year, this inter-disciplinary and collaborative topic will involve almost 160 people working in 18 countries, with over 218 initiatives in the works.

One of the new features in this report is the inclusion of the SDGs in our CSR strategy. This directly echoes our recent support of the United Nations Global Compact and further bolsters our commitment to working with our stakeholders for a more inclusive, sustainable world. We have also carried out comprehensive carbon accounting for scopes 1 and 2 (our direct carbon emissions) and formally implemented our first Responsible Purchasing Policy. These two major achievements allow us to articulate our ambitions at a Group level.

Lastly, the release of this third Extra-Financial Performance Report comes at an unprecedented time of global crisis, during which our social role has grown stronger in response to major challenges: contributing to feeding the world as an indispensable link in the food chain, but also contributing to tackling the health crisis by providing containers for vaccines, hand sanitiser, and hand sanitiser packaging, for example. The year 2020 has, like no other year before it, bolstered the sense of pride we feel in belonging to a set of highly useful professions, each of which has a major role to play in the future of our societies.

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