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The expert view: China, largest fertilizer market in the world

The expert view: China, largest fertilizer market in the world

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Expert Opinion

After an initial experience in the Group as decision-making support/Management Controller for development in Africa, Pierre Vasseur has been focusing on China since 2014. He initially conducted studies from headquarters, then in the area since January 2015.

The development of the Group in China is not random. It is the largest fertilizer market in the world.  The market studies began in 2013, and we then organized our teams by recruiting local employees in 2014.

During stages prior to the launch, we considered how we could adjust the business model of the Roullier Group to local conditions.

The opening of this new country requires a genuine work of organization, the key stages of which are set out below:

  •           Initially, those markets with greatest potential had to be targeted, as we could not cover the entire territory, given its size. Developing our activities on this market involves a recognition of significant cultural and logistic constraints (area and distribution model).
  •           We then concentrated efforts on selecting specific products* that we could market locally. By taking into account constraints specific to this country, notably the size of the farming plots that are restricted.
  •           Finally, we identified the possible relays and the suitable distribution chain for our products.


Throughout these stages, we had to understand the local environment, way of thinking and constraints of our end customers: the Chinese farmers.

I am now supported by around sixty Chinese employees. We are just at the beginning of a wonderful adventure. As the prospects for this market are vast, new employees join us daily to support our growth. 

*fertilizer from our R&D