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Interview with Julie Agaësse as she gives us the low-down on the launch of our Responsible Purchasing Policy!

Interview with Julie Agaësse as she gives us the low-down on the launch of our Responsible Purchasing Policy!

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Events

As we mark the release of our Responsible Purchasing Policy, Julie Agaësse, Purchasing Director of Goods & Services, explains the factors that drove the launch of this project - as well as the next steps in its deployment.

  • What is your definition of responsible purchasing?

I’d describe it as a virtuous purchasing strategy that systematically considers the full life cycle of the product or service value chain, addressing the full range of environmental, social and societal criteria. Thinking holistically about total lifetime cost in this way encourages long-term thinking and ultimately aims to achieve the right balance between all the parties involved. We don’t see responsible purchasing as an additional cost, but rather as anticipating future costs, and as an opportunity we can seize on that will have positive outcomes not only for the Purchasing department, but for every part of the Group and all our stakeholders. 

  • Why did you decide to build a Responsible Purchasing Policy to be shared by all business lines?

This initiative is a direct result of the Group's commitment to CSR, which we’re adapting operationally within the Purchasing function. As with CSR, our intention is to build a common base that will unite the entire purchasing community so that we are all moving forwards in the same direction. So everyone will be able to start from this base level of commitment to roll out initiatives within their own scope of responsibility and experience. Over and above the ability to create this united base, the policy successfully addresses 3 key goals: to contribute to the overall performance of the Group and its subsidiary companies by creating sustainable value as the basis for building balanced relationships with our suppliers and developing innovative partnerships.

  • What are the next steps in rolling out your policy to all buyers?

The policy is an important first step, because it is the bedrock of our collective commitment. Next, we plan to create a guide listing all the initiatives implemented in subsidiary companies, which will then be shared transparently with them to encourage the exchange of good practices and forward development of the policy. The initial rollout will focus on France, but we hope to extend it internationally very soon after that. Our task then will be to raise awareness of all these measures among our employees - our ‘internal customers’ as we refer to them - so that they can take them on board and begin to get a new perspective on their own requirements.

Download the Responsible Purchasing Policy