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2021 Non-Financial Performance Statement: Discover our commitments, the latest news and key figures for CSR!

2021 Non-Financial Performance Statement: Discover our commitments, the latest news and key figures for CSR!

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Events

In this fourth edition, once again we are building on our fundamentals and a renewed sense of cohesion at all levels of our Group to move forward further and more rapidly together.

This means that 2021 marks the next step in the evolution of our CSR process. We wanted to develop it in order to give it a new dimension, a new lease of life as a means of leveraging our business’ sustainable growth. This has been shown in particular by the strengthening of the top management’s involvement by creating a new organ for CSR governance, the CSR Management Committee. This is made up of shareholders, the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the directorates of our main business, to ensure that the process is piloted in the upper echelons of the company.

This Non-Financial Performance Statement for 2021 also provides the opportunity to present the major investments made this year: a recycled plastic granulation line, a cogeneration facility and the opening of a 3,000 m2 space devoted to sports, hospitality and our employees’ well-being. Structural projects have been rolled out, including a Responsible Purchasing Policy and the first agreement on equality at work between women and men. We are creating value by implementing these actions and all of the ones laid out in this report. We aim for this value to be sustainable, long-term and viable for the Group, along with all of our stakeholders.

In 2022, major CSR projects have been launched as part of our new strategic commitment, while mobilising all of or members of staff, in order to deepen our materiality matrix with new consultations with stakeholders, a redesign of our CSR strategy and a redefinition of measurable goals for all our operations. We are therefore pushing forward collaboratively to meet the challenges of the future with a sense of ambition: Committed Together!

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