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 A Director for Our Global Innovation Centre

A Director for Our Global Innovation Centre

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Community Relations

Located in Saint-Malo (France), our Group’s native land, the Global Innovation Centre covers two hectares, with 8,000 m² in buildings. This vast facility is an incubator for tomorrow’s nutritional products.

 A veritable showcase for our Innovation Group’s expertise, our new flagship hosts five laboratories, custom-developed phenotyping greenhouses, and various support functions.

A Key Appointment

On August 24th, Nicolas Vermersch took up his post as director or our Group’s Global Innovation Centre. In addition to managing the Centre, his role is to direct Research and the Group’s regulatory affairs, as well as marketing for Plant and Animal Productions.

Embodying our drive for innovation, the Global Innovation Centre will allow us to meet tomorrow’s challenges; so we had to find a director capable of taking up this challenge. Nicolas Vermersch’s managerial qualities and his experience will be invaluable for seeing this development through, Jorge Boucas, Chairman of the Management Board

A Man Who Knows the Group Well

Nicolas Vermersch previously worked in our Group for 19 years, from 1988 to 2007. Among other things, he actively participated in our international growth. In 1990, he created our Italian subsidiary Timac Agro. He then headed our Spanish subsidiary from 1993 to 1998, created those in North African (Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey), and developed our business in Europe (Portugal and Greece) and in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, and Chile). At the same time, he joined the executive committee and, staying loyal to our entrepreneurial spirit, left the Group in 2007 for a personal business creation project. A beautiful career which continues today with his return to our fold.

I am returning to Saint-Malo today, attracted once again by this energy so particular to the Roullier Group. The Global Innovation Centre that I will be leading is a splendid building that will soon be the showcase for the Group’s expertise. It will be a matter of maintaining and accelerating the dynamics of ideas, projects and development, strengthened by partnerships with the scientific world. In order to achieve this goal, my ambition is to establish and lead a high-performing, united team of creative, responsive, and passionate men and women serving our customers around the world. Nicolas Vermersch