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Our first Extra-Financial Performance Report (DPEF)

Our first Extra-Financial Performance Report (DPEF)

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Community Relations

“Enabling Earth and Mankind to produce the best.” It is around this shared vision that we have launched our CSR strategy. The strategy is exactly in keeping with the Group’s DNA, the original calling of which, back in 1959, was to process naturally sourced minerals in a sustainable and responsible way. Committing to a CSR strategy today is a reaffirmation of this heritage while responding to the changing expectations of our stakeholders and the challenges of the agriculture of tomorrow.

This commitment starts today with the publication of our first Extra-Financial Performance Report (DPEF) as an initial inventory of our environmental, social, and societal impact. The outcome of this analysis makes it possible to detail the business models of all of our areas of activity, issue the results from our key performance indicators on sustainable development, and structure our strategy around 4 founding pillars. Directly incorporated into the Group’s strategy, these pillars are multidisciplinary, covering all issues related to our various areas of activity and geographic scopes.

Our strategy is conveyed by the Group’s management, and steered and led by a dedicated committee. The purpose of this committee is to capitalise on the first inventory in order define our commitments and embody them in objectives and action plans to the benefit of people and the land. It is made up of around twenty employees, responsible for representing each of the Group’s areas of activity and support functions, thus encouraging the deployment of the strategy and its enactment by operational teams. With a commitment to continuous improvement, they shall monitor and measure our progress on sustainable development each year through our next DPEF.

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