Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier

Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier

Key figures

  • 8 000

    m2 building space

  • 1200

    mof greenhouses

  • 120

    Scientific partnerships

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    Preparing the Agriculture of tomorrow

    « Plant nutrition is far more complex than human nutrition! Since 1959, we have successfully worked to provide solutions while innovating constantly. Faced with the challenges that the agriculture of tomorrow poses, we decided to build the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation. » Daniel Roullier.

    Our aim: By 2050 the world population will rise to 10 billion, and to prepare for this we are developing highly technical products to meet the needs of crops and species on every continent – respecting the soil, plant and animal.

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    From Irish pasture to Brazilian soya, from European dairy cattle to American poultry, CMI Roullier’s researchers and experts of all nationalities are working on all possible lines of research on a daily basis. They are developing the marine and plant-origin specifics that have been the Groupe’s distinction and strength since 1959.

    Two major divisions equipped with unique research platforms

    Plant Nutrition

    Plant Nutrition

    Animal Nutrition

    Animal Nutrition

    Synergies & partnerships

    Our researchers, doctors, and engineers in biochemistry, molecular biology, and chemical formulation amongst others, work in collaboration with around a hundred international institutes and universities (Brazil, USA, China, and others) to develop solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of the soil, plant or animal anywhere in the world

    • In Plant Nutrition, 1,200m2 of greenhouses, including one for phenotyping, which is unique in the private fertilisation sector and developed with the INRA (French national body for agronomic research), linked with 3 platforms equipped with the latest generation of tools, Molecular Biology, Metabolomics, and Imaging, allow for the study of plants in all pedoclimatic contexts.

    • In Animal Nutrition, 3 laboratories equipped with highly unique tools carry out work on nutritional efficiency, the reuse of livestock waste, and feed.

    • Two laboratories support the two research centres, including the physicochemical analysis lab for ensuring exemplary quality and traceability. The COFRAC-accredited microbiology and hygiene laboratory carries out antimicrobial efficacy tests and supports research on all types of microorganisms.

    Thus, thanks to the expertise and methods implemented throughout its 5,000m2 of greenhouses and laboratories, the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier is becoming a powerful accelerator of growth in the fields of Plant and Animal Nutrition in order to prepare the Agriculture of tomorrow.


    Innovation Awards Roullier 2020 Edition

    The Innovation Awards Roullier contest is open to all universities and research laboratories and rewards the two best research projects relating to the Groupe Roullier’s fields of expertise in Plant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition.

    Each of the contest’s two winners will receive :

    • - the opportunity to develop its agronomic research project during one year in its host laboratory and in partnership with the Groupe Roullier,
    • - a financial grant of €75,000 under the conditions set forth in the Regulation.

    For more information on the contest, visit the dedicated site.

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