Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition and Welfare

Les vaches, comme celles qui mangent ici du foin, sont des ruminants, qui, par leur système gastrique, nécessitent une nutrition adaptée. La nutrition animale doit répondre à certain équilibre.

Improving animal feed to improve human nutrition

This is the philosophy behind our activities in Animal Nutrition and Welfare, our second area of expertise. Our knowledge of the world of agriculture has allowed us to develop a vast range of products and offer global solutions to livestock farmers. Responding to the various needs of each type of animal throughout its life cycle, encouraging growth and welfare while optimising hygiene conditions and maintaining dietary balance - this is the daily mission of our experts and advisors, who provide tailored services for our livestock farming customers.

Improved growth: a sign of quality production methods

Every species, age and type of livestock has its own particular needs in terms of energy, minerals and vitamins. That's why we're dedicated to formulating and creating diversified products for animal nutrition, produced in full compliance with food industry standards and our customers' high expectations. Our service range extends from the distribution of raw materials to dietary supplements to hygiene products.

With a well-established presence in the bovine livestock market, Groupe Roullier is currently expanding its offering via the development of an innovative range of products for poultry and pork nutrition.

Responding to diverse animal needs

Groupe Roullier products play a key role in the quality of the feed distributed in both intensive and extensive farming operations :

  • Mineral blocks are enriched with trace elements, vitamins and major minerals ;
  • Nutritional supplements made from urea, caustic magnesite, marine matter or phosphates allows the animal to benefit from improved digestion and/or a strengthened immune system ;
  • The work of our silage agents ensures that we are able to maintain the quality of fodder destined for Animal Nutrition ;
  • Hygiene solutions and services help reinforce animal welfare by ensuring dietary balance, leading to improved milk quality. 

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