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Development of packaging solutions

  • Focusing our work on a policy involving the reduction in weight, eco-design, recycling, and reuse of packaging.

Groupe Roullier began its plastic processing activities in 1988. Its aim was to provide plastic packaging solutions that matched market demand. From design to industrialisation, the Group packaging division, managed by Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging, provides its customers with a differentiation strategy, particularly through the creation of custom-made products.


Savoir Faire

Processing of plastic materials

Our two manufacturing processes, blow-moulding and injection-moulding, allow us to produce a wide variety of standard or specific products in different colours. Our design offices expand our range every year by developing several new standard or custom-made products. The packaging is UN-certified, complies with UN recommendations, and fulfils the ADR/RID/IMDG regulations in force. This activity consists of 4 production units, 37 blow-moulding machines, 7 injection machines, and an internal laboratory to carry out UN certification tests.

Our Range


Covering more than a dozen industrial customer markets, Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging has the most complete range on the market in France (more than 1,000 products). It designs and manufactures plastic packaging with capacities ranging from 15ml to 1,000L (flasks, jars, jerrycans, caps, IBCs, plastic accessories and technical items). For use in the chemical, food, detergent, health, and lubricants industries, the packaging developed by Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging meets the various challenges faced by each of these fields.

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