Calcium phosphorus solutions

Calcium phosphorus solutions

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    An expert in macromineral-based nutritional solutions

    Minerals are essential components in livestock-farming productivity and in the lives of animals. Minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium need to be added to livestock animals’ diets in order to improve animal weight gain, milk production, bone mineralisation and reproduction.

    Since entering the market in 1976, Phosphea has produced and sold macromineral-based nutritional solutions intended for Animal Nutrition manufacturers.


    Important industrial assets

    With an industrial setup comprising 6 phosphate plants boasting a production capacity of 770,000 tonnes, Phosphea leads the way on the European inorganic phosphate market and is the second largest inorganic phosphate provider in the world. 

    27 years after starting operations at the historic Saint-Malo (France) plant, the Gabès 1 and 2 (2003 and 2008) plants in Tunisia helped pave the way for large-scale exports. In 2014, the Ercos Group’s (Spain) phosphate production activities were acquired in order to bolster operations in Southern Europe. Then in 2017, the Elixir Group’s (Serbia) phosphate-based animal nutrition operations were integrated into Phosphea’s industrial setup in order to strengthen its position in Eastern Europe.

    In 2020, following the merger of TPI’s Animal Nutrition operations, the Billy calcium carbonate quarry (acquired by Groupe Roullier in 2003), with its 200,000 tonne production capacity, was integrated into Phosphea’s industrial setup. As a result, Phosphea has established its expertise in calcium phosphate. All of the plants are ISO and FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) certified.

    Direct contact as a fundamental principle 

    Phosphea’s strength lies in its organisational structure. Phosphea has focused on establishing a business model based on selling directly to animal nutrition manufacturers. Our team is made up of 50 sales representatives based throughout the world, technical experts and a structured Quality and Regulatory Department. Every day, they work to support product development and to help markets grow. Phosphea also benefits from innovation expertise, which helps it to respond to both international and local challenges as effectively as possible. This structure creates closer relationships with customers and makes it possible to provide targeted technical support.

    Our Range

    Phosphea has a wide array of products available on the macromineral market, meaning that it can provide suitable solutions to customers’ problems, which are also tailored to their specific industrial needs. Thanks to its capacity to innovate, its location, its expertise and the responsiveness of its teams, Phosphea supports its customers in identifying their growth potential.

    Its product offering is structured around 3 ranges: 

    • The Essential range, which comprises key components that are crucial to animal growth and well-being (calcium phosphates, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, salt and urea). 
    • The Performance range, which is made up of specific ingredients and tailored to species’ needs and the requirements of animal nutrition manufacturers (CalseaPowder Advance, MAP, Neophos, Mag26, MCPfine and DCP20).
    • The Evolution range, which contains innovative natural ingredients that respond to the sector’s major challenges: livestock performance, health and animal well-being (CalseaGrow). New products will be added to this range in 2021.

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    Phosphea is a company that specialises in the production and processing of phosphates for Animal Nutrition, producing food products for animals as well as premixes. The company also provides customers with a wide range of innovative solutions, responding to highly diversified animal needs.

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