Groupe Roullier

3 2021 Non-Financial Reporting Statement Groupe Roullier Editorial 2 021was a year of many challenges. Firstly, we faced the collective challenge of living up to our responsibilities as an essential link in the food chain during an unprecedented health crisis, at the same time as continuing to deliver our contribution to society by preparing to succeed in the key issues of today and tomorrow. 2021 certainly tested us. And it was our ability to seamlessly and continually adapt, get things done and drive innovation forward that allowed us to emerge successful. We are therefore building on our fundamental strengths and rejuvenated solidarity at every level of the Group to ensure that we can progress further and faster together. 2021 was also a personal challenge for me as the newly appointed Group Chief Executive Officer to take us to a new level in the ongoing development of our CSR policy. Our plan for 2021 was to adapt the policy to extend its scope, and give it new impetus as a powerful lever for the long-term sustainable transformation of all our businesses. More specifically, our top management team has become closely involved through the newly created CSR governance body: our CSR Management Committee. Unlike any previous governance committee, it includes representatives of our shareholder base, Management Board and Supervisory Board, as well as the executive management teams of our main businesses, all of whom are working together to guide our CSR policy at the strategic level. We also made a series of major investments during the year, including a recycled plastic regranulation line and a cogeneration plant, as well as opening a 3,000 m 2 space that is focused on sport, but also provides our employees a friendly environment for wellbeing, interaction and sociability. We also implemented a series of structurally important projects, including a Responsible Purchasing policy and an initial agreement on workplace gender equality. All of these initiatives, and others you will discover as you read this report, are contributing to creating more value for our business; we intend this value to be sustainable, long term and viable, not only for the Group, but also for all our stakeholders. In 2022, we have already launched a series of wide-ranging CSR projects aligned with the new strategic thrust of our commitment, at the same time as involving all our people by taking our materiality matrix to a new level of detail following a new round of consultation with our stakeholders, restructuring our CSR strategy, and setting quantified targets for every part of our business. All of which effectively ensures the continuity of the efforts we are all making together to respond with real ambition to the challenges of the future. JÉRÉMIE LECHA Chief Executive Officer