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Groupe Roullier has partnered up with the Pépite France Challenge once again

Groupe Roullier has partnered up with the Pépite France Challenge once again

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Innovation, Events

In 2017, we published an article about the contest, what motivated us to lend our support to this fantastic initiative and the project that caught our attention at the end of the competition. And now Groupe Roullier has partnered up with the Pépite France Challenge for the third consecutive year. We have taken this opportunity to catch up with Alexis Lesly-Veillard and Christophe Sovran, who won the competition with their project two years ago.

Spirulina-based spread

At that time, the two student/entrepreneurs told us about their project which involved creating and marketing a spirulina-based spread.Groupe Roullier is an expert in algology, so naturally we saw potential in the concept and wanted to contribute to it. Alexis and Christophe were consequently able to visit our Centre Moncial de l'Innovation and speak to our experts and heads of R&D, enabling them to give even more structure to their approach. Alexis and Christophe were also able to find the right Spirulina supplier for their project during a visit to a trade fair with the managers of our subsidiary, Nuwen.

After the Pépite France Challenge

In addition to discussions, “this experience helped us to tackle our project from an objective external perspective and becoming a winner made us become truly aware of the potential” explains Christophe. It is this confidence they have gained that has pushed them towards becoming student/entrepreneurs and developing their project. Several months later, Alexis and Christophe won the contest “Lance-toi et créé ton truc”, organized by Carrefour, with generous funding and “strong evidence of interest from distribution professionals”.


The creation of Hoope

In May 2018, Alexis and Christophe set up their company Hoope began selling its product at the beginning of July on its website and through a distribution network of around twenty outlets in the South-West. You can now place an order on their website or visit one of the selling stores to discover this jar of spread. “More than 400kg have already been sold in 3 months”, Christophe says.

Developing the range and expanding the distribution network

A second spread, “Almonds & Spirulina” will shortly complete the range. “To develop the product, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Miimosa to help us raise funds and publicize Hoope”. “At the same time, we are also working on the creation of a new product range, which will be launched in April 2019, and on commercial growth in the South-West region. To follow Hoope’s adventure and news in the coming months, don’t hesitate to visit their blog.

* micro-algae, considered a superfood thanks to its high content of protein, iron, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.