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Florendi a new opportunity for innovation!

Florendi a new opportunity for innovation!

Written by Groupe Roullier / published in Innovation

By 2019, chemical phytosanitary products, commonly known as pesticides, will be prohibited from sale to private individuals in France. Florendi was quick to take the initiative and turned this regulatory constraint into an opportunity to ensure its development.

On the French market, Florendi is a well-known and established player within the garden sector. With major presence in large retail stores, the company built its expertise on the distribution of garden products sold under Carrefour, Leclerc, and Truffaut store brands, among others. However, since 1st January 2017, the Labbé law has been gradually reducing the availability of chemical phytosanitary products for the general public. Florendi has turned this constraint into an opportunity by developing an innovative range of biocontrol products, real alternatives to synthetic chemical phytosanitary products.

Chemical phytosanitary products have been attracting bad press. They are normally used to treat or prevent organic diseases. However, since last January, the Labbé law has been pressing for their gradual withdrawal until they are totally banned for private individuals by 1st January 2019. There are two categories: chemicals and biocontrols. The second category is not affected by the ban because they are made using natural substances. Florendi has built up a range of six biocontrol products representing staple products in gardening sections. “This tightening of regulations has compelled us to take stock and consider the development of alternative products,” explains Arnaud Régnier, Florendi Operations Director.

The challenge is looking for alternatives to deal with the gradual disappearance of chemical phytosanitary products and find new avenues for growth. This marked the beginning of a new and natural range of fertilisers and garden care products: Le Jardin de Malo.

visuel montage lejardindemalo

“The idea was initiated at Florendi to use a natural substance, never before used in Europe. We approached CERA so that they could work with us on a wider scale for industrial deployment,” says Arnaud Régnier. The company has relied on the expertise of the Timac AGRO France plants to ensure the production of this product. Exclusively designed for specialised networks of garden centres and self-service gardening stores, the range focuses on high quality natural products. Fertilisers are manufactured from plant matter such as corn and even beetroot, which have recognised uses in organic agriculture.

“The objective is to make Florendi known with its own brand and show that we are an innovative player,” states Natacha Pétrimaux, Marketing Project Manager. To promote it, Florendi has embarked on an original marketing strategy: going back to Breton origins, choosing a friendly, amusing image... Florendi chose to make their communication authentic and light in order to attract adults between the ages of 30 and 70 who have a semi-urban garden. “Le Jardin de Malo” [The Malo Garden] has already been warmly received by French and European professionals from specialised distribution. Awarded the prize for innovation by the Journées des Collections [Trade Show for Gardening Professionals], the brand is already being stocked by Willemse, one of the leaders in mail order garden products in France. At the same time, Florendi is carrying out the same work developing products for large retailer store brands in order to provide them with solutions for tomorrow and ensure their place on the shelves.