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    Our mission

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    Florendi is a company specialising in plant nutrition for general retail. It aims to provide innovative and effective solutions that deal with problems faced by amateur gardeners, whether they are in the garden every day or just now and then, whether they live in the city or the countryside, and whether they are green-fingered or novices!  Florendi stands out from the crowd by offering smaller volumes and using practices developed in an environmentally friendly way, in order to satisfy its customers’ needs and requirements.


    Savoir faire nutrition vegetale grand public

    We are deeply committed to “Made in France” values, which ensure high quality and excellence. This lies at the heart of our history of promoting skills and expertise from across our country. Ever since we were founded, and with each of our major developments, we have constantly championed French know-how in plant nutrition and gardening.

    We are steadfastly committed to our customers and take pride in constantly innovating our product offering and formulae, as well as the ways in which we can help our customers. The introduction of our digital platform, our collaborative work with major brands and our moves into alternative markets have all come about, thanks to our far-reaching innovative spirit.

    Our organisation is built on three pillars:

    An operations set-up which brings together the production and logistics teams:

    • · Effective industrial facilities: 7 packaging lines
    • · A flexible supply chain: 10,000 m² of storage

    “Partner” roles, performed by the procurement, regulation and innovation departments, which help us to develop and market products that strictly comply with French and European regulations.

    Dedicated development teams: the marketing and sales teams ensure that all of our ranges are marketed to the general public.

    Our Range

    Offre nutrition vegetale grand public

    Our plant nutrition products are aimed at all amateur gardeners, whether they live in the city or the countryside, whether they have lots of experience or are just starting out. In order to do this, we work with own-brand products or retailer-branded products, in collaboration with major food superstore, DIY superstore and self-service gardening store brands. We also develop products for alternative markets, such as florists, for example.

    In particular, we offer special fertiliser ranges. This means that our formulae are unique and put together based around an agronomic additive, often of marine origin, combined with high-quality raw materials. Our strength lies in being able to get the most out of nature’s riches in order to stimulate, nourish and protect plants, and satisfy amateur gardeners’ needs and requirements.

    Most of our products can be used in organic production and we are aiming to make it possible 100% for all of them to be used in organic production and/or biological control, complemented with alternative solutions. 


    Our subsidiaries



    Gardening products

    Florendi provides fertilizers and gardening products for large-scale retail sale, as well as tailored agronomic and technological solutions for industrial operators, including fertilizers, topsoil ingredients and seeds.

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