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    Magnésie d'un site appartenant au Groupe Roullier

    Working with all magnesium types

    Over the years, Groupe Roullier has emerged as a centre of expertise for the magnesium sector. The Group's various magnesium companies cover both its agricultural and industrial applications and its refractory uses. This unusual organisational structure caters to the three main magnesium markets. Aside from the substance's various applications, the entire value chain is also covered, from mining to processing to marketing.

    Every day, our teams work to provide all our customers with high-quality magnesium products that perfectly correspond to their individual needs. Where necessary, our sourcing professionals are able to provide magnesium from around the world in order to ensure a tailored response.



    Logistique autour du transport de Magnésie

    Expertise earned through years of experience

    Groupe Roullier has been active in the magnesium sector for over 40 years.  All our products are therefore designed and created using a proven approach and carefully-honed expertise.

    Our constant drive to innovate ensures the perfect balance between historical knowledge and technological and scientific advances.

    Beyond technical expertise, our teams' key skill is their  ability to listen to customers. Operating from business locations around the world, our sales teams are able to evaluate the precise nature of their customers' needs on site. This approach enables our agents to offer tailored products depending on the scope of work established with the customer.

    Finally, thanks to high internal production and storage capacities, and the strategic location of our facilities, flawless supply chain management has become an integral part of our subsidiary commitments.

    Our Range

    mine magnesie roullier

    A range of products and solutions based on real needs

    Because each customer has their own unique requirements, each service offering must also be unique.
    Whether it involves refractory magnesite or magnesium for agricultural or industrial purposes, every request is processed quickly, securely and harmoniously, and all teams are mobilised to provide complete customer satisfaction.

    Our subsidiaries

    logo LMH



    Magna is a mining site for the extraction and processing of magnesium for industrial use.

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    Logo Magnesium Do Brasil

    Magnesium Do Brazil

    Industrial magnesium

    Magnesium Do Brasil is a company that specialises in the mining of magnesium deposits all over Brazil. 

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    Logo TIMAB Magnesium

    Timab Magnesium

    Industrial magnesium

    TIMAB Magnésium provides magnesium products for animal feed and fertilization, as well as environment-related industries such as soil treatment and purification. Operating a number of mines, the company offers a wide array of services ranging from the extraction to the industrial processing of this mineral resource.

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    Van Mannekus

    Van Mannekus


    Van Mannekus produces and distributes magnesium oxide and hydroxide destined for use in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

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